Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Christmas Message From Paize Fiddler

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As Christmas celebration nears I just wanted to post a note of thanksgiving to all the wonderful Marvaholics that have read the book that features my errant brother and myself, Owen Fiddler.

Yes, yes, I know and I agree. Reading Marvin books and his Free Spirit blog posts to excess can be a blight, can cause an irreversible addiction. But take heart, my strung out brethren and sistren. There can be normal and productive life after Marvaholicism. Only do this. Make sure you read through to the end of the book. Get the message. It is appropriate for this spirit of Christmas season.

'Tis better to give than to receive.

So I would encourage you all to get an extra copy of Owen Fiddler and give it to someone in need, someone who may benefit from reading the story of how one selfish, irresponsible, finger-pointing-nothing's-ever-my-fault jerk got his life turned around and learned that sharing and caring is what it's all about.

Just don't hoard your extra copy to yourself and go reading it over and over without sharing. That is not the way to your rehabilitation. C'mon, now - you know better.



Stanley Berber said...

Yes Sir, Paize - I'll get an extra copy of Owen and give it to MY brother. Lord knows HE needs it! LOL

Love this blog - great spoof stuff!

unwriter said...

Yes, I agree, but you have to add I Romanced the Stone and Joyce Anthony's book Storm, to make the healing process complete. You've never heard of Storm? Oh my, You must check this:


Paize fiddler said...

Ohmygosh! Unwriter is right!! How could I forget to mention - the perfect antidote - First Wilson book, I Romanced the Stone. Thanks for the reminder, Unwriter.

And I also concur, Joyce's Storm is a tremendous read. Won't cure your Marvaholicism, though, You might even catch Anthonyrax!!!

John Bradley said...

Marvaholics, eh? Jeez, guess I better read up on this one. Sounds dangerous! LOL

Lyrically speaking said...

Nothing updated here, hmmmmmmmmmmm, how are you? will visit your other blogs