Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Christmas Message From Paize Fiddler

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As Christmas celebration nears I just wanted to post a note of thanksgiving to all the wonderful Marvaholics that have read the book that features my errant brother and myself, Owen Fiddler.

Yes, yes, I know and I agree. Reading Marvin books and his Free Spirit blog posts to excess can be a blight, can cause an irreversible addiction. But take heart, my strung out brethren and sistren. There can be normal and productive life after Marvaholicism. Only do this. Make sure you read through to the end of the book. Get the message. It is appropriate for this spirit of Christmas season.

'Tis better to give than to receive.

So I would encourage you all to get an extra copy of Owen Fiddler and give it to someone in need, someone who may benefit from reading the story of how one selfish, irresponsible, finger-pointing-nothing's-ever-my-fault jerk got his life turned around and learned that sharing and caring is what it's all about.

Just don't hoard your extra copy to yourself and go reading it over and over without sharing. That is not the way to your rehabilitation. C'mon, now - you know better.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

I confess

I confess. After years of breaking from the burden of addictions and finally walking in freedom, I have found myself once again tied to an addiction I can't get away from.
I didn't ask for it. Seldom of us do. I mean, who grows up and says 'I want to be a Marvaholic'? They never taught about it in school. Low funding I suppose. My mom sure never warned me about it. I changed my environment, my friends, cleaned out my cabinets and did everything I could think to do to be free of such an obsession. It's a lost cause. I've fallen off the wagon and there I remain.
I find it's easier not to fight it. Trying to break the habit only leads to depression, isolation, and a whirlwind of anguish. So, I've decided to embrace my addiction and accept it as part of who I am. A part of my genetic makeup and genealogy. Won't you join me? Share your stories, your concerns, and your hopes for a brighter future. With a little help, we could get government assistance that would allow us free housing, education, and plenty of extra green backs. We just have to stick together and show there are more of us than there are of them.
Who's with me??

Welcome Fellow Marvaholics!

We come together today in hopes of a brighter future for ourselves. Together we can support each other in our struggles to shake the horrible monkey off our backs. That insidious beast of addiction, the terrible all consuming addiction to books and blog posts written by Marvin D Wilson.

Come here at least three times a week for your very soul's sake. Our leader, Katrina Wampler, along with yours truly, Paize Fiddler, as a guest speaker will share with you all and do what we can together to lead us all out of darkness and into the light of salvation. Yes, my friends - there IS life after Owen Fiddler and Free Spirit Blog. Take heart and have faith.

Make sure and sign up to follow this blog, your lifeline to freedom.

God bless and keep you all clean and free of Marvaholicism until we meet again.